We provide solutions right from conceptualization to complete execution of buildings, making them strong and sturdy from the inside and beautiful to look at from the outside. Whether it’s your dream home or an out and out commercial complex, sit back and relax as we bring it to life.

We have worked on small independent houses to huge commercial complexes. Be it construction, exteriors or interiors of a building or just consulting, we would be glad to help you realize your project.


There are dime a dozen construction companies and interior designers in the market. Their initial excitement slowly decreases and the quality of work is shabby. There is always that awkward leak that creeps up, reminding you of their work and your bad choice. This makes the difficult task of construction even worse.

Square Feat‘s USP lies in its attention to detail and we execute our projects one square foot at a time. We make your long and tedious work a breeze. We get our high from the satisfied and happy customers. After all, happy people make happy homes.