aluminium sandwich panel cladding in hyderabad

ACP Cladding in Hyderabad, Telangana

Building Facades

Be it a newly constructed building or a really old building; give it the face-lift it deserves. We dress up your building facades with all the glamour and glitter; in metallic and non-metallic colours as well as many other patterns that imitate natural materials. Our ACP cladding designers and installation experts work their magic to make your building stand out in the neighbourhood and a piece of attraction. Our fabrication and installation will save you some good money and a cut down on the overall time period of construction as a whole.

We use high-grade materials which are hard and sturdy, yet lightweight. Our cladding makes your building fight air and sound pollution, heat, UV rays or any tough weather conditions the nature can throw at it.

Other Applications

We have crafted some beautiful arches and canopies with ACP to augment the overall beauty of the structure of the building. It’s not just the exteriors but we can use ACP for false ceiling, paneling, etc., thereby creating stunning interiors to complement the beautiful exteriors

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